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Line Boring

Here at HMS we specialize in the remanufacture of pin and bearing journals to factory specifications by using out Italian built line bore and internal welding machine.

Elsa’s Portable Line Boring & Rotary Welding Machines are manufactured in Italy and have been designed for use in applications such as re-machining & rotary weld pin-holes, welding & re-facing surfaces, machining of internal & external circlip grooves, with the added feature of tapping and drilling. The light weight and compact design of the Elsa Portable Line Boring and Rotary Welding machines enable the operator to work on-site rather than having to transport heavy plant or work pieces back to a workshop. The end result means less down-time and increased productivity thus saving on associated labour/material and transport costs. Elsa lead the way in the development of special purpose portable line boring machines/ideas and techniques for the accurate and precision machining of heavy plant, be it onsite or in-house.



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